Mike and Dan here,

Hope all is well.

Cyber Security has been our home for decades.
We consider ourselves blessed to be part of this amazing space of IT that’s enabling the future of work for so many industries.

Like many of our cyber friends, we’ve fought battles, celebrated achievements, and made more mistakes than we care to remember along the way.

But let’s face it.

While security’s made so much incredible progress, it’s also gotten way too complex. Too demanding. Too expensive. Too fragile.

Our security stack has never been more powerful, and yet working securely, privately, and productively has never been more difficult.

Of course, this is nothing new. But isn’t that the problem? We’ve known where this was headed, but couldn’t see another way forward.

This bothered us. A lot. To bring security forward, we needed to rise above the confines we ourselves created. So we erased all assumptions. Deleted our search history. Ignored the status quo. Could there be something we’ve been missing all along? A stone somehow still left unturned?

And then, there it was.

An idea so simple, yet so profound. Bigger than anything we’d seen, yet hiding in plain sight. A platform that positively impacts every single layer of cyber security.

Maximum business output, minimum cyber footprint.
More secure. Less security.

In other words, the vision of secure by design, realized.

We showed it to investors. They understood this wasn’t just an evolutionary step, but a generational leap. They were all in - giving us the honor of partnering with the leaders of software’s most elite funds on this journey.

We shared it with some of the brightest minds in cyber security.
They used it, saw its promise, and immediately joined us in delivering on our vision.

We’re Island.

Sometimes changing one thing changes absolutely everything.


Mike Fey and Dan Amiga,
Co-Founders, Island

our leaders

our investors